Alex Bregy

Author of The Indigo Children, Owner of Write the Bullet

Hello! My name is Alex Bregy, and I am the guy behind Write the Bullet. From a young age, I knew that I was going to help people. Sure, I couldn't decipher how, but I knew it was my goal.

I was in middle school when I fell in love with writing. I've always loved creating stories, so writing was a game changer for me. With this new found skill, I was able to consolidate and share my stories.

Being from a Maine town that most people have never heard of, diversity was definitely not something I saw within the media I was given. This theme was present throughout all medias: books, television, movies, and even the limited social media I was exposed to. Now, I am passionate about supporting diverse creators, so that one day, no kid will grow up feeling unseen.

I aim to spread diversity through my books, helping people see themselves within the pages; especially if that's not their typical experience with reading.

On my social media platforms, I strive to help others find their voices and build the courage to share their stories. When the world is full of stories that only represent one kind of voice, then there is hardly room to grow. When we all share our stories, diverse voices will become the new standard.

Please check out my "Social Medias" tab to explore all of my platforms. If you are interested in my writing, please check out the "Books" tab. If you have any questions, or something to share with me in general, please feel free to send me an email: alexbregy@writethebullet.net .